G22060A – Legendary Release Non-Marinated Certified Angus Beef® Puck

Features and Benefits:

The secret to the Gary’s QuickSteak® Beef is the release process on the grill. Easily break apart or defrost the amount required for your recipe. The meat slices separate into lean, tender and juicy slices on the grill in seconds. Gary’s QuickSteak® delivers on flavor and profit and will please your grill cooks and customers equally!

Boost your grill productivity with Gary’s QuickSteak® products. You will see measurable savings with less waste, labor and menu planning. Expand your sandwich menu with a variety of recipe options such as salads, omelets, fajitas, wraps, rice bowls and more!

• Cooks in 60 seconds
• Lean and juicy slices with a tender bite
• Evenly marbled at 85% lean
• No gristle or sinew
• No MSG or Soy
• Versatile Menu Options


Cooking Instructions:

Our products cook best on a flat top grill pre-heated to 350ºF

  1. Place frozen or thawed portion on the grill and add desired seasonings.
  2. As cooking begins flip the portion once.
  3. As the meat slices begin to release; continue to separate with the spatula. Use caution not to over-cook.
  4. Cook until product has reached an internal temperature 165 degrees

Our products can also be easily prepared in a sauté pan, skillet or wok. Pizza and convection ovens may also be used.

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